Are you an existing estate agency owner looking to enhance your business prospects, expand into new opportunities and most importantly increase your income?

Or alternatively a professional couple looking for a real prospect of starting and creating your very own successful business?

Either way our client, who have a number of offices along the Costa Blanca and Murcia Region, offer a proven ready-to-go business model!

Opportunities available within prime locations on the Costa Blanca

Already in the industry? Changes are coming

If you are already in the industry, then you will know that changes were happening even before the advent of Covid19 and the immense difficulty it thrust on the estate agency sector. Significant movements were afoot with the emergence of low-fee online portals and the rapid growth of fixed-fee estate agents. The halcyon days of 5% commissions and joint collaborations are without doubt under pressure, with the lockdown caused by the pandemic, further expediting this change. Fees are inevitably dropping and alliances are becoming less financially rewarding. Given this new scenario, agents are understandably more protective of their own portfolios and are looking to sell directly rather than accepting half or even less in reduced split commissions.

A unique model with considerable demand

Our client, with their unique model, has not only managed to survive through this tough period, but has expanded rapidly as vendors and buyers seek them out for their professional and transparent approach to the property market. Their business is in considerable demand and as a consequence they are seeking new partners to accelerate this growth, whether they are new to the industry or are an existing agent looking to rebrand. If you feel you can match up to this challenge then our client would like to talk to you and see if there is a way forward based on mutual ambition and compatibility.

Capital Requirements

If you are an estate agent working from existing office premises then the initial start-up costs will be minimal with limited capital outlay.

If you are a business professional looking to start up within the industry then there will be an initial investment to open an office.

In both of these instances my clients will be happy to advise on any financial requirements.

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